Benelohim initiative

“And this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nation, and then the end come” Matthew 24:14


1)Taking the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to the ends of the earth or to every man under the Sun

2)Demonstrating the power and love of God through Crusades,revival meetings, conferences, training and outreaches

3) Transforming lives and places all over the globe.  Engaging in missions, church planting, and other programmes. Training leaders, ministers and missionaries both spiritual and secular

Team of Disciples of Christ not bound by walls from different denominational, racial and social background. It is a nondenominational fellowship of Believers and Followers of Christ. A gathering of men and women built up into family strongly bonded in love with burden to walk in the same life and ministry of Christ Jesus doing greater works with full manifestation of power and grace. We are Disciples of Christ with mandate of preaching the gospel of Christ all over the World. As a force we are sold out to fight the war in the End time. A train of men and women with vision to enthrone Christ, impact lives, transforms the nations and build the body of Christ.

It is called mission because it is an assignment to be carried out by train of men or team of people all over the world and it involves travelling everywhere. It is a Commission, an Errand, Undertaking, Operation, Labour, Work, Task, Duty, Trust, Business, Delegation, Representation, Vocation, Calling, Pursuit, Purpose, Function and Ambassadorial. Meditate on those words for clear picture of what God mean by using the word mission with you. He calls me Emissary, Missionary, Ambassador, Leader of His move, Prophet and Apostle etc

Now you will be correct to call it anything above but it includes movement. In a simple word, it is purely “movement”. And it is global. God ordained it to spread across the world to fulfill the mystery in Ezekiel 47 and 37.That is why the phrase The Stream of Life. It is not supposed to be an organization or structure but he gave us an identity as The Stream of Life and now He gave us the umbrella name as Church of the Firstborn which has nothing to do with denominational gathering which shall be a movement and work involving disciples from different denominational, racial and social background.

It is a movement of remnants across the world that shall rise as great army to preach the Gospel all over the earth with full demonstration of God’s power and grace. We are to build believers in every community into a fellowship gathering to replicate Acts 2-4 and plant church where there is none then send Pastors there. The fellowship centers shall represent the body of Christ in that community AND rise to fulfill the great commission just as seen in Acts 2-4 and commanded in Matthew 28.

We are to engage in crusades, revival meetings, training, Equipping ministers, leaders and missionaries, conferences and seminars, social or community projects, media work and so on as our outreaches
“Seal up the testimony among the disciples”. This is summary for your understanding, prayers and commitment.

Benelohim Initiative is a movement with few arms which are:  SCHOOL OF THE SUPERNATURAL, JESUS CLUB, CREATIONS HUB, HISTRIPES CENTRE, MEDIA, MUSIC and so on.



*To walk in the same life and ministry of Christ Jesus doing greater works by the preaching of the gospel of Christ with full manifestation of power and grace to fulfill the End time prophecies

*To build family/community of disciples strongly bonded in love and unity to preach the gospel of Christ wherever man can be found

*Raising/Equipping  team of leaders/army with burden for revival and great harvest in the nations of the earth reaching to men in lowly and top places with the gospel of Christ

*Reaching out to the World with the Gospel of Christ, leading revival and revolution to Churches and nations in the globe.


The Work/Mission is committed to:

*Worship *Fellowship *Witness

As a body, our outreach approaches include Crusades, Revival meetings, Mission work, Training and Conferences/Seminars. The team reaches out to places with the light of the Gospel, train Ministers/Leaders in all fields and equip the missionaries. We partner with Organizations and groups to reach out with the Gospel

Our team is made up with departments with different Disciples according to their callings/gifting from different background. The word of God is our Constitution and Jesus Christ is the head of our team (Army).


The Leadership structure is as stated below;

*Presiding Overseer/Apostle *Council of Elders *Team Heads *Local Fellowship Elders


-Sunday Communion Fellowship – Every Sunday by 4:00pm

-Night of Supernatural- Second Thursday of every month by 10pm

-School of the Supernatural (Strictly by Invitation) – Last weekend of every month (3 days retreat)


This is care and help ministry of the movement to meet the needs of the people. Jesus club comprises of hearts with burden of transforming lives through both physical and spiritual means.


*To care and help others

*Rendering social services as tool for evangelism

*Transforming lives and nations

Jesus Club are made up with the following groups and outreaches:


*Lad and Damsel

*Women (widows, Single mothers and others)

* The Poor and Disabled

*Prisoners and the Sick

*Orphans, Motherless and others


Creations Hub deals with creativity, Innovations, Business, Production and Manufacturing, Consulting, services and products as means to showcase Christ to the world.


Histripes is completely healing, deliverance and medical ministry.