niyi olaleye



Niyi Olaleye is the founder of Benelohim inc.,with affiliated organizations known as The Stream of Life ministries and Jesus Club, also the CEO/Founder of Hafzbah Business Academy. An Apostle, Entrepreneur, Investor, Consultant and Public Speaker. He is an Author an writer of many books both Spiritual and Secular. As a revivalist, he preaches on crusades and revival meetings, as a public speaker, he raises and equip leaders on various fields and speaks in conferences and Seminars. He consults for business and management of companies on several fields. As a trained Biomedical Engineer, he is deeply involved in medical research and innovations. The owner of "Hedgenet", a technology focused company. Called to preach the gospel everywhere, like Paul he is building influences in the secular to turn men and nations to Christ. He publishes a devotional every quarter "Dayspring" and Monthly magazine. He distribute free literature and mobilize people for missions in different places. He trains missionaries both spiritual and secular.