me Niyi Olaleye is chosen by God as an Apostle and Prophet to take the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to the ends of the earth or to every man under the sun. Demonstrating the power and love of God through crusades,revival meetings,conferences,training, ministers and missionaries both spiritual and secular. Transforming lives and places all over the globe. Engaging in missions,church planting {handing over to existing denominations or Pastors} and other projects. Training Leaders, ministers and missionaries both Spiritual and secular.

Author of “The Mystery of Revival”, “Reign in Life”, “The fullness of God” and other books, The founder of Benelohim Inc. an umbrella body for The Stream of Life ministries, Jesus Club and others. A former CEO/Founder of Hafzbah Business Academy Limited. An Apostle, Entrepreneur, Investor, Consultant and Public Speaker. As a revivalist, he preaches on crusades and revival meetings, as a public speaker, he raises and equip leaders in various fields and speaks in conferences and Seminars. He consults for business and management of companies on several fields. As a trained Biomedical Engineer, he was deeply involved in medical research and innovations. The former owner of “Hedgenet”, a technology focused company. Called to preach the gospel everywhere, building influences in the secular to turn men and nations to Christ. He is on live streaming programmes on the social media like facebook,instagram,twwitter and others. He distribute free literature and mobilize people for missions in different places. He trains missionaries both spiritual and secular {market Apostles}.

Currently, He oversee a non denominational fellowship centre at Alagomeji,Yaba,Lagos as a base to raise Army and produce Eagles for the Lord and the endtime move of God. Therefore His ministry is a movement and mission not a church denomination.


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