I congratulate you for being a woman, much more than that you are a Mother, a godly mother. You are a woman first of all before you are a mother. Being a woman is precursor to being a mother. A woman is a female human being or better still female man. There are different kinds of children a mother nurse,care for and raised, they are biological children,spiritual or adopted children then the husband. There is a saying that “behind every great man there is a mother” not just a mother but a godly mother.

What makes you a woman is your sex type but what makes a mother is that you have a womb that conceive and deliver fruits…As a godly mother you are blessed with womb that carry great seed, nations and glory which must be delivered. It takes a godly mother to bear a godly seed {Malachi 2:15}. You birth your kind and the life of a mother has a way of impacting the child, so your seed is a reflection of you. An ungodly mother cannot born a godly seed or have a godly influence.

Let’s draw wisdom from godly mothers in the scripture

  • Jochebed the mother of Moses-Exodus 2.1-10

This Mother called Jochebed is an example of a godly mother and her influence.This mother conceived and delivered a seed in whom the deliverance of Israel was. She saw ahead what will happen to Israel through the seed she carried so when the seed was born she secured, preserved and kept it. She saw something great in Moses which no eye was able to see. The deliverance of the nation Israel was in the boy Moses and so it takes the wisdom, grace and heart of God in a mother to preserve the deliverance. If not the boy would have been killed then the deliverance of Israel would have been aborted.

  • Lois and Eunice- 2Timothy 1:5-6

Lois was the grandmother of Timothy while Eunice was the daughter of Lois the mother of Timothy. There was a transfer of faith, an impart of godliness into downline and Timothy was found to be one. There is a generational influence on Timothy which flow from the grandmother. So Mothers are generational influence. There is a replication of life and multiplication of grace that became evident in the life of Timothy. There are deposits in you as a mother that can influence your generations and nation by the seed you conceive and deliver.

All mothers are blessings and treasures to this world, a fertile ground to grow godly seeds. Mother is powerful that the scripture says  Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.” 1 peter 3:7. This means to ignore a godly mother is to hinder your prayers. When she is involve in anything then you can expect breakthrough. The seed in you includes children,marriage, career, influence, ministry and others, whatever comes out of you must be godly and is blessed, you are blessed!

   Niyi Olaleye *Apostle and Prophet*  President @ Benelohim initiative, an umbrella body for The Stream of Life ministries and Jesus Club.



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