THE OLD RUGGED CROSS-niyi olaleye

  The cross of Jesus faces rejection as the tide of worldliness opposes it -worldliness crept into the church unaware as if she is not washed in the blood of the lamb. The cross worth nothing in the current world events, there is no manifestation of God’s glory because the cross is neglected. Old path seems to some to be odd and they are no longer able to endure the truth, those that follow the old path are nicknamed.                                

Some could no longer bear the reproach of the cross so they fall into the deception of the devil. There is shallow knowledge of God’s terror but we are full of absurd understanding of the love of God. Devil held many in captivity by his subtlety and sneaky. The real faith lost its stand in the heart of men and the life of faith our fathers received is now been presented to us as life of bondage, liberty in Christ has been misunderstood to be freedom to sin but our liberty is freedom from the grip of sin and all entanglements.                                                                                                                         

The eyes of understanding of many have been darkened, the truth is rejected and deception increases at alarming rate. The teaching of Christ on our adoption which should separate us from the world no longer appeals to man. No man will stand for anyone on the judgment day, all {including pastors} will stand before the judgment seat, if you follow the traditions and philosophy of men, it will only land you in hell.                                            

The hearts of the Cloud of witnesses are wounded seeing worldliness taking the place of holiness in the church. Martyrs and sages bleed over the state of the church; there is multitude in the Church and no longer a place for disciples. Some institutes rules for living and so they bring their idea into the interpretations of the scripture, some other think Christianity is not hard, nudity and waywardness become normal, there is a standard for prosperity and so they cause people that cannot meet it to be depressed, they think religion does make your life rich, yes but by making you content with what you have, they have wicked minds and have missed out on the truth (1Tim. 6:6).                                            

  Lies prevail and liars prosper, the rate of compromise increases day by day, Christians are now becoming modern Christians. We must keep a prophetic eyes on the current events as the sign of the end time, the devil rages and plots against the church, his deceit is on every pulpit and applauds is wave back from the pew. Everyone is becoming a business Apostle instead of an Apostle of Christ. The pattern for living handed down by the Apostles are now been looked down upon (phi 3:127-21).                                            

  There is hope for the church, the resurrection and the life is coming to visit His bride and to take her away. Let’s wait for that blessed hope and glorious appearing of our Lord Jesus. We must return to the cross-the source of our victory, only those that are partakers of the death of the cross will partake in the glory to come. Let’s journey back to the old rugged cross (Galatians 2:16-21,2Cor. 2:14-17, Philipians 2:12-13).                                                          


3 thoughts on “THE OLD RUGGED CROSS

  1. This is a wonderful and truthful message sir. may God opens the eyes of our understanding the more to His truth. God enriches you and your spiritual understanding with more of His grace!

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